Things to Check on Your Site before Launching It

Introducing and launching your website to the public is one of the most exciting things to do for a business owner. Your goals for this marketing strategy is to turn ordinary web browsers into website visitors and get cheap website traffic for your business. But before you give the URL for your site, it is recommended that you check these items first:

Check possible grammar mistakes

checkEven if you have a website, it is quite easy to turn off the interest of your unique visitors if your page has a lot of grammar mistakes. A page with these kinds of mistakes makes the site look cheap and poorly made. No matter how beautiful your website looks in the eyes of a web user, if it does have grammar errors, it tells them that the one who made the site did not take the time to read through the text and make the necessary changes.

What are the simple grammar rules that you should check? Spelling mistakes, subject and verb agreement, misuse of the apostrophe, the right use of active and passive voice, and pronoun utilization are some that should be checked.

Check the Contact page

The contact page is an essential part of a site because it gives possible customers a chance to interact with you. You also have the opportunity to continuously communicate with the person through the email address. You can send him newsletters, messages, and even coupon and promo codes through the email. A Contact Page also gives credibility to your company because you indicate your name, your company address, and other details about you.

quality control

Check the overall usability

One way to know if your site is good for launching is by testing it yourself. You have to check it through three devices- a desktop or laptop, a tablet, and a mobile traffic on your phone. You do this because these devices have different sizes of screens. And your site should be responsive with the various lengths and widths of the devices.

Go to your site and browse each page of your website. See if there are incorrect indentations, color mistakes, paragraphs that are misaligned, and images that are either too large or too small. These items can easily be remedied and can instantly be changed by the webmaster.

3 thoughts on “Things to Check on Your Site before Launching It”

  1. Nicole says:

    You should also check browser compatibility. I have had an incident once when a specific kind of browser affected the way my site looked like. It was a mishap on my end but now I always check all the browsers before I launch my site. You might not know that you are losing money by not checking them first.

  2. Kurt says:

    Grammar checking is very crucial in creating a website. A single error can sway a website visitor to go back and browse on a more credible site. You should have the content checked every time. You, as the owner, are also responsible for your website. Check all the articles and make sure to change any mistakes as soon as possible.

  3. Jimmy says:

    I am a webmaster for ten years now. Before, I did not put a lot of time in checking the mobile compatibility of a website. But now, most of my efforts in designing a site is its responsiveness to all kinds of mobile screens. Thankfully, some plugins can help me in designing sites.

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